Does this mean I get to take the car-pool lane? #commute

Gives new meaning to the term “hellish commute”

How to really sweeten things up. #chai

After the deluge… #Rainbow #Commute

#Boston Museum of Fine Arts

View my latest photo on Flickr: Zaccheus Gillet

View my latest photo on Flickr:

Capt. Zaccheus Gillet

Why did it decide to grow like that? #oddball #pinetree

"In Memory of Capt. Zaccheus Gillet" Born Dec. 29, 1724. A recognized veteran of the American Revolutionary War, he was present at the Lexington Alarm (first battle of the Revolutionary War, fought in Massachusetts on April 19, 1775) #MemorialDay (at Simsbury Center Cemetery)

When #RedSox win, kids eat free!